Tuesday, 5 January 2016


The clip begins with two men, both seemingly hold power, Luther (the black man) holds physical power over the second man, as his large physique and the gun in his hand uses the semic code to show the audience that he has power in the form of violence. The second man appears to have little power physically opposed to Luther, this is conveyed with the cross cutting between the two characters, with the physically weak man looking up and Luther looking down as they engage in conversation. The close ups of both characters of which is constantly cross cut, shows the emotions of each man, the anger of Luther and the vulnerability and cunning in the other mans face as he shows his mental power as he reveals personal details of Luther's ex wife.
 The next scene shows the man being strangled by Luther, this shows his dominance over the other man and proves his physical power over the second character. However in a quick turn of events the power shifts has the other man reveals a knife and stabs Luther to the floor and begins to kick him. This faster paced cutting rhythm is a technique used to raise the suspense and emphasise the goings on. The scene backs up the common stereotype that men a hungry for power and are willing to fight for it.
The following shot sees a woman with a double barrelled shotgun enter the scene and defend the floored Luther, this exercises the binary opposite of the stereotype that men are physically dominant over women, as well as men are the people who should protect women. When the women enters the scene the mood goes still, and all sound comes to an end, this not only emphasises her power but also her reputation, as she is a convicted killer. The man then proceeds to force the hand of the women (metaphorically) as he wants her to pull the trigger on him as he realises that he cannot escape and justice for his crimes will be done, and he would prefer to die than serve his punishment.

A third man enters the scene, the boyfriend of Luther's ex wife (murdered by the white man), Luther begins to beg that justice be done to him and that he is not to be killed. Of which point Luther, Alice and the recently entered man form a mini democracy. Of which all become of equal power, as Luther's opinion is that he should not be shot and the mans is that he should be. By which time the deciding vote falls to Alice and sees an imbalance in power again, as she holds the power and is the one who decides whether he lives or dies. Of which she decides the latter.

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