Sunday, 3 January 2016

20 questions

1. How much did Disney pay to acquire the rights to Star Wars from Lucas Film?
$4.05 billion

2. Which other major studios/franchises did Disney acquire in 2006 and 2009 respectively?
2006 - Pixar
2009 - Marvel comics

3. Why did Josh Dickey believe Disney was a good fit for Star Wars?
"They're so good at branding and brands. They're so good at working with existing intellectual property and making it resonate with fans and marketing it very well," he told BBC World Service radio.

4. When did the UK introduce generous tax relief for the film industry?

5. How much has Disney earned in tax rebates since 2007?
£170 million

6. How many people were employed at Pinewood studios when working on Star Wars The Force Awakens?
Recruited 130 staff at a cost of £6 million.

7. What is Matthew Vaughan's criticism of the UK's tax arrangement (include the full quotation)?
“I think it’s crazy that we subsidise British movies with tax breaks but we don’t get any of that money back. We’re subsidising Hollywood. We’re service providers. We’re not an industry.”

8. How much was Harrison Ford paid to reprise his role as Han Solo?
$20 million

9. How much money must the film make before its stars earn 'back end bonuses'? (A back end bonus is when an actor agrees to take a lower fee for staring in a film in return for a share of any profit a film makes over an agreed figure.)
$1 billion world wide

10. How much did The Force Awakens take globally on its opening weekend?
$247 million in the US and $529 million globally

11. Which 5 major companies have signed tie in deals with the film?
Pepsi, Burger King, M&MS/Mars, Hasbro and Kellogg's.

12. How was the White House linked with the film?
White house news conferences have been attended by imperial storm troopers, and the president also got a special White house screening.

13. The article states "only finite resources for a movie like The Force Awakens are screens and seats: you cannot force four buttocks into one movie seat." What solution have cinemas dreamt up to cope with this problem?
They increased the screenings, and also did screening times such as 3am and 5am.

14. How many screens are being used for saturation play (placing a film on virtually every screen in a cinema)? 
2,500 screens in UK and Ireland and at 670 cinemas.

15. What is the % rise in box office takings thanks to Star Wars?

16. How is the box office split between 2D, 3D and IMAX?
54% in 2D, 36% in 3D and 10% in IMAX.

17. How many mentions has the film had on Weibo?
700,000 mentions since the start of December.

18. When does the film open in China?
9th January

19. How was the film promoted to China in October 2015?
They flew in 500 storm troopers who stood against the Great Wall of China, holding signs saying "The Force Awakens".

20. What other marketing strategy has been used?
The studio hired pop star Lu Han to introduce trailers, with the singers band EXO contributing the single Lightsaber.

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