Monday, 16 May 2016

Media Revision
1. Who directed Tangerine? Sean Baker
2. What was the budget of Tangerine? $100,000
3. What did Tangerine generate in gross revenue? $700,000
4. What was Tangerine shot on? 3 iPhone 5s'
5. Who directed Mad Max? George Miller
6. What company produced Mad Max? Warner Bros
7. What was the budget of Mad Max? $150,000,000
8. What did Mad Max generate in Gross profit? $378,000,000
9. What did Mad Max generate in it's opening weekend? $45,000,000 (USA)
10. What piece of camera equipment did they use shooting Mad Max and how long was it used for? Edge arm, 95%
11. Who directed Ex Machina? George Miller
12. What company produced Ex Machina? Film4 and DNA Films
13. What was Ex Machina's budget? 15,000,000
14. What did Ex Machina generate in gross income? $38,000,000
15. What did Ex Machina generate in it's opening weekend? $250,000
17. What awards did Ex Machina win? Oscar for best visual effects (lowest effects budget to win the award) and BIFA best British independent film
18. Who distributed Ex Machina? A24 (USA), Universal (non-USA)
19. When was Ex Machina released? 10th April 2015
20. When was Avengers Age of Ultron released? 1st May 2015
21. Examples of above the line marketing? Billboards, Posters, TV ads, Radio ads, Cinema ads, Magazines
22. What viral marketing method did Ex Machina use? Tinder account of Ava used in south by south west film festival (Texas)
23. What did Carrie's viral marketing campaign cost? $10,000
24. How many views did Carries viral video get? 64 million
25. What do ITV's TV ads costs range from? £2,000 to £1,000,000
26. How much do 48 page billboards cost per week in the UK in urban areas? £200
27. How much do bus stop posters cost in busy urban areas? £300 for two weeks
28. When did DVD sales start declining rapidly and why? 2004 because broadband was introduced in the UK
29. What did VOD sales reach in 2008? £5,000,000
30. What did VOD sales reach in 2015? £200,000,000
31. What have film companies done to reduce piracy? release films in 3D and using the Day and Date release method
32. What was the most pirated films in 2015? Mad Max: Fury Road
33. Who are the big six? Fox, Colombia, Paramount, Universal, Disney, Warner Bros
34. What are the four sectors of Disney? Studio Entertainment, Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Consumer products and interactive media
35. What special effects were used in Ex Machina? Rotascoping

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