Friday, 16 October 2015

Mise en scene


Harsh urban setting exterior, high-rise flat in the same urban area (interior), this may suggest that she does not have a great deal of money or is not that particular about location but the objects inside her flat.

Colour scheme

The colour scheme for both the interior and exterior scenes are band with a lot of pale browns and various shades of grey featuring, non stereo typical decor for a woman's flat, which suggests she is devoted to work or isn't entirely that is considered as normal for her age.


The props used in the flat scenes include; Posters, Books, Printer, TV, Telescope, Framed drawing, Table, Chairs and Various pieces of paper arranged neatly on the table. This suggests she is a work driven woman, who does not have a lot of down time, e.g no sofa, old television.


The hairstyle of Luther is very functional and low maintenance, this includes his facial hair. However the red hair of the second character contrasts against her very dull clothing as well as the dull setting of the estate (exterior) and her dull apartment (interior). This could suggest that this is a dangerous and devious character.


The costumes of both characters are that of a formal state. The woman in the scene looks like she has made an effort with her clothing, the business attire suggests she may have power. Whilst Luther has a very unique style which highlights his large stature, his costume includes; a large wool over coat, shirt and jeans. This is more functional than professional but is still formal.

Placement in frame

In all frames Luther's large physical stature is shown against the small petite stature of the female, however this is irrelevant as in all of these frames the woman appears to be in control of Luther.


The performance of both actors in the scenes are that of a contrasting manner. This is evident as the woman is very devious and clever with her words and takes the dominant role between the two, whilst Luther takes the opposite role of someone with less power. This is shown in the scene by the woman always having the last word and asking troubling questions to Luther.


The whole scene is in broad daylight, however in the outside, estate scene the light is being partially blocked by the high-rise apartment blocks in the background.

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